Iwahori C.P.A. Office (hereinafter collectively called gthe Officeh) has established and declared, as follows, the Privacy Policy concerning the Protection of Our customers' personal information (the gCustomer Personal Informationh) (hereinafter called as gthe Policyh). This statement sets forth the Office's policy concerning the protection of customer personal information and its policy concerning the handling of such information.


In the execution of its business activities, the Office will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, as well as its internal rules and regulations, including this Policy, to ensure that it will appropriately use and protect customer personal information.

Appropriate Collection of Personal Information

The Office will collect customer personal information by lawful and appropriate means and only within the scope required for the execution of its business.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Office will specify the purposes of use of customer personal information. The Office will use customer personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the specified purposes of use and will not use it for any purposes other than the specified purposes. In the event that there are restrictions under applicable laws and regulations, among others, with respect to the purpose of use for specific personal information, such personal information will not be used for purposes other than those so designated.

The specified purposes of use of customer personal information are as follows:

  • Perform contracted services pertaining to finance, accounting, taxation, and general affairs on behalf of corporations (including foreign corporations, associations and trusts) or individuals (including non-resident individuals).
  • Provide consulting services pertaining to corporate management, finance, accounting, taxation, and/or general affairs.¥Prepare tax documents (a variety of tax returns, such as corporate income tax returns, consumption tax returns, personal income tax returns, and inheritance tax returns; tax applications; tax notifications; tax requests; and other tax documents).
  • Provide tax agent services (represent as an agent or a proxy in making declarations or statements to tax authorities regarding tax returns, tax audits, and disposition of taxes, among others).
  • Provide services pertaining to payroll accounting.
  • Provide services for collecting, processing, and supplying information.
  • Publish books and magazines.¥Hold seminars.¥Recruit partners, staff, and other personnel and provide personnel management after recruitment.
  • Perform other services associated with one or more of the items above.

Restrictions on Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

In principle, the Office will not provide personal information of customers to any third party unless the customer consents in advance or unless required by laws or regulations, among others. However, the Office may provide personal information of customers to third parties without the customer's prior consent in the following cases: if the Office entrusts other companies with the handling of the personal information only to the extent necessary in order to achieve the purposes of use, if the personal information is provided following a business succession due to a merger or any other event, or if the personal information is shared with the specified parties (which will be designated separately).

Security Management of Personal Information

The Office will endeavor to maintain personal information of customers in as current and accurate a form as possible, and will take reasonable care to protect the security of such personal information, including taking preventive and security measures against leak, among others. Also the Office will properly supervise its employees and contractors who handle personal information of customers to ensure the protection of the personal information.

Continuous Improvement

The Office may modify the Policy from time to time to reflect the development of information technology and changing needs of society, among others, and will endeavor to make continuous improvement in the handling of personal information of customers.

Request for Disclosure, etc.

The Office will promptly and appropriately deal with the following requests from customers or their proxies regarding the personal data of the customers which it holds: notify the purpose of use of such data; disclose such data; correct, add to, or delete data if the data do not reflect actual facts; or stop the use of, erase, or stop the provision to third parties of such data. For any inquiries regarding handling of personal information or specific procedures for disclosure request, etc., please see the following contact information.

Your Opinions and Requests

The Office will respond promptly and in good faith to any opinions or requests regarding its handling of personal information. Please send your opinions or requests regarding the Office's handling of personal information to the address below.

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Contact Information regarding Personal Information

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