International Business Consulting


We provide a wide range of accounting and tax services to foreign companies investing into Japan ("Inbound Investment") and Japanese companies investing into foreign countries ("Outbound Investment").
By utilizing both domestic and overseas network of legal and accounting firms, we can provide the best solution for the international accounting and tax issues.

Inbound Investment by Foreign Companies

It is important for foreign investors to adopt an adequate structure in setting up operations in Japan. The tax burden may differ depending on the structure selected.

  • We assist foreign investors in making an advance investigation of the legal, tax and other relevant regulations and procedures for setting up operations.
  • We assist in executing actual setting-up procedures for the tax registration. For legal procedures, we introduce or liaise with the lawyers who can provide legal services in English.
  • If you dispatch expatriates to Japan, we can make some simulations for their payroll by conducting gross-up calculations incorporating withholding income tax, inhabitant taxes, social and labor insurance and any fringe benefits to be given to the expatriates.
  • The communication between the headquarter in mother country and its operation (subsidiary, branch or office) in Japan is very important. We can act as an intermediary to periodically report financial results to the parent company and explain to its management about the Japanese accounting and tax issues.

Outbound Investment by Japanese Companies

Japanese companies, which start doing business abroad, will encounter numerous unexpected business issues. Some companies may be forced to give up their overseas operations due to the failure in overcoming such issues.

  • We assist in investigating and analyzing the business environment and the relevant legislation in the countries where you are starting up business, and summarize the business and tax issues for your decision making of the operating structure which best fits your needs.
  • After setting up the operation, we assist in monitoring the local operations by communicating with the local management and reviewing the financial and tax information provided by the overseas operations.