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Ductus recognizes the importance of personal data protection in the advanced information and communications society. Ductus is committed to ensure that all personal data are handled and protected in accordance with the laws and regulations for the personal data and its protection. Our policy for the personal data protection is summarized below.

Acquisition of Personal Data

Ductus acquires all personal data, including the personal data registered by laws and regulations, by appropriate and fair means.

Usage of Personal Data

(1) Ductus uses the personal data solely for carrying out our services within the scope of usage purposes of the personal data which are discussed and agreed at the acquisition of such data.
(2) When Ductus uses the personal data together with third person(s), or entrusts the handling of the personal data to third person(s), Ductus exercises necessary and appropriate supervision over the third person(s) after making rigid and detailed investigations of such third person(s).

Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Person(s)

Ductus does not disclose the personal data to third person(s) without prior consent of the person himself except for the case where such disclosure is required by laws and regulations.

Control of Personal Data

Ductus puts in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to protect the personal data from unauthorized access, losses, unauthorized alteration, destruction or unauthorized disclosure.

Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use and Deletion of Personal Data

Ductus confirms that the person himself has a right to claim for disclosing, correcting, suspending the use of and deleting the personal data, and makes prompt reactions to such claims.

Organization for Personal Data Protection

To secure the appropriate use and continuous protection of the personal data, Ductus takes suitable measures such as in-house education about the personal data protection and monitoring over the personal data handling process as well as reviewing and updating the personal data protection system.

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